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What To Do When Under Investigation For The Following Crimes

Being investigated or questioned in relation to a crime of some kind can be extremely overwhelming. Talking to the police simply because you did not do anything does not work out for everyone. The police already think you know something or were involved if they are reaching out to question you. Finding an attorney can be important depending on the crime being discussed like if it is grand larceny or conspiracy to commit mass identity fraud. The following are common crimes that you might be charged and convicted of if you do not respond appropriately.


Being arrested for a DUI happens to people that do not feel like they are impaired on a regular basis. Having a BAC of anything can lead to a DUI in some states if the officer on scene believes you are impaired. There are experts on the subject that can be called to the scene to affirm that you are drunk or high. Blowing into the breathalyzer is a great option if you have not been drinking at all that day. Otherwise it can be a risk as your results often times are the best piece of proof to convict for a DUI. Do not speak besides answering basic questions as anything else can be incriminating.

Drug Possession

Drug possession can be a sign of dependence on narcotics as well as other substance abuse-related issues. Judges can be sympathetic in certain cases if you find a program to help curb your reliance on drugs or alcohol. The right attorney will help you find these programs where if completed the charges will be completely dropped. For those that repeatedly have been arrested it is important to get a great attorney as this can help you immensely when you get to the sentencing stage. The attorney could discuss with the prosecutor to give you a deal so you do not have to risk trial.

Assault Due to Self-Defense

Understanding the laws in your state is imperative as in some states you can be arrested for mutual combat. In other states you can stand your ground and fight someone that you feel is putting you or your family in danger. The comprehension of these laws is something that is important as you do not want to admit to anything. Self-defense can be a claim and witnesses could back this up. In other cases, friends of the person you engaged in a fight with could blame you for the altercation. Call for a criminal defense attorney like those at as this situation could get out of control without a legal pro.


Theft can be nearly impossible to prove in some cases without video evidence or the suspect having possession of an item. Dealing in stolen property is a common charge for those that frequently buy/sell stolen items for profit. Retail theft can be tricky as many stores cannot legally hold you in the store until the police arrive. Offering to pay for the item due to your mistake can help in some situations, but not in all. Honest mistakes do happen so if you didn’t scan something at the self-checkout that was in the bottom of your cart, you might get a free pass.

As you can see it is important to know your rights and understand you do not have to answer questions police are asking you. Being arrested is one thing but providing evidence or reasonable doubt of being guilty is far worse!

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