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Why Retain a Personal Injury Attorney?

Someone without an attorney can easily handle some personal injury cases. Those cases are generally going to be minor injuries and few medical expenses. One of the scenarios that personal injury attorneys see frequently is a person who has a substantial injury claim trying to handle the case on their own and struggling.

The General Rule 

The more serious the injury and the higher the medical expenses, the more likely that a person needs a top personal injury attorney to help them after a bad accident.

A problem arises when an accident victim tries to settle a case on their own yet does not have a working knowledge of the actual value of their case. 

Nevertheless, personal injury victims are at a considerable disadvantage when they attempt to settle a case on their own. If an insurance company can settle the case for $.10 on the dollar, they will do it in a New York minute. Because the insurance adjuster knows the value range of the claim, and the injury victim probably does not.

How Are You at a Disadvantage Without an Experienced Attorney?

  1. What is the case worth?

One mistaken assumption is that the insurance adjuster will pay the accident victim a fair amount. But, if a lawyer does not represent you, that is not usually the case.

Insurance companies are not in business to be fair to third parties on personal injury claims. Insurance companies will do anything to keep the amount they settle the claim for to a minimum. If an accident victim does not know the actual value of the case, the odds of the victim being fully compensated are small.

  1. No leverage of a trial?

Leading accident attorneys know the power of a trial settling to focus the adjuster on valuing the claim fairly. If the adjuster does not pay a fair amount, a jury probably will. 

While some well-known insurance companies often force a trial by refusing to pay a reasonable settlement, most recognize the risks of letting a jury determine your damages.

  1. Who does the work of handling your claim?

One overlooked issue is the work needed to advance your case. Obtaining your medical records, lost wage information, and necessary evidence takes effort. Letting the lawyer do the job enables you to focus on healing.

  1. Paying medical bills

You may not understand the rights and obligations involved in the settlement for payback of certain parties, such as health insurance claims or hospital liens. Medical expenses required to be repaid are called "subrogation." 

Attorneys will negotiate your medical expenses to net you more money. And deal with health insurance companies who demand to be repaid out of the settlement. Some states even require a credit for your attorney on subrogation claims which helps your bottom line.

Getting an experienced personal injury lawyer keeps the unknown from impacting your compensation. 

Considerations in Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

 Who is Your Lawyer?

With personal injury claims, the analysis by the insurance carrier includes:

* The facts of the accident, 

* The amount of available insurance, 

* The injury victim's damages, and 

* The attorney representing the victim. 

Thus, picking the right attorney is vital for maximizing the compensation you deserve.

About High Volume Law Firms

Certain law firms handle a high volume of cases and try to churn their inventory quickly to maximize their profits. Insurance carriers are aware of these law firms' reputation for quick, cheap settlements. Which can have an impact on the value of the case. If your lawyer has a reputation for settling cheap, the insurance company will know.

Always Pick a Local Lawyer

Select a local attorney with experience in the type of case you have. Some law firms focus or specialize in practice areas. The more focused the local attorney is in your kind of case, the better.

How Bad Are Your Injuries?

The more serious your injury, the more likely you need representation to get the compensation you deserve—also, the more important your choice of attorney. 

If you are seriously injured in a car wreck, 18-wheeler crash, or other accident, find an attorney you can have confidence in to help you with your case.

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