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4 Steps to Filing a Legal Claim After a Motorcycle Accident

 The motorcycle is a common mode of transport among many youngsters. However, it's a common cause of accidents, and this primarily results from over speeding and driver distraction. Motorcycle accidents are life-threatening incidents on our roads today. They can result in various serious injuries, and following up compensation can be stressful -if you lack an attorney by your side. Are you seeking to file a claim after a motorcycle accident? Here are steps to guide you.

  1. Notify the insurance company

If you get involved in a motorcycle accident, the first step should be to contact your insurance provider. Even if you're the one at fault, don't hesitate to notify the insurance company. Inform your insurer about the accident, and give all the necessary details, including the scene and time of the accident.

 The insurer will deliver a form that you should fill and send it back. Also, send another record notifying the insurance company of your loss along with the filled form. If the accident isn't your fault, be ready to receive a call from the driver's insurance company.

  1. Contact an attorney

 Just like automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents are complicated, and the process can be tedious. To save yourself the trouble, it's best to hire an attorney. This can be a personal injury or an accident lawyer from the Reep Law Jacksonville firm. An attorney will guide you in the process of filing a claim and during negotiations. Besides, you're likely to get the compensation with an attorney than without legal help.

  1. 3. Know what your policy covers

 There are different insurance policies, and it's advisable to understand the specifics of your policy. This defines the coverage for your motorcycle in case of an accident. Memorize the crucial details and be aware of the basic types of harm under the cover. In the event of an accident, your policy will also stipulate a time range within which you must file a claim. A skilled lawyer will advise you to stick to this to avoid losing your compensation rights.

  1. File the claim

 At this point, your attorney will have gathered adequate evidence and details of the accident. Register a claim as quickly as possible after the accident. You can either do it yourself, but it's wise to seek help from an attorney. Put all the documentation in order and give your attorney copies of all the essential documents. 

If you're unable to submit all the papers, notify the concerned party at the company and give a proper explanation for the delay. This way, you'll be granted extra time to arrange for the missing documents. Again, if you find dealing with paperwork hectic, consider filing the claim online. This saves time and ensures that your documents are filed faster.

Final thoughts

 Filing an accident claim is a critical aspect of any motorcycle accident. If you incur damages and injuries due to the fault of another party, a personal injury attorney can help you in the process. The legal expert will help you file a claim, follow up your case, and represent you in court. Also, they will negotiate with the insurance company for the right settlement for your damages.

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