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Why Is There No Law for Religious Malpractice?

If a doctor gives a person the wrong prescription or removes the wrong organ, or so forth, he would be up for malpractice and would lose his license. The same does not apply, however, to the priest who upholds the lies and myths of religious tenets and advises incorrectly. The fact that he claims to forgive sins and sends people on their way to do the same again should come under the heading of religious malpractice.

Governments are responsible for the laws of the state and they would not think to question the actions of the church in these matters. Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, my observations have led to some startling facts.

All religions are based on the old format of sun-worship and rituals associated with it. The action of priests today is such that they are called 'spokespeople' for the Almighty. In other words, the church they serve puts out the notion that no one can speak to God unless they are 'ordained' a minister.

This is false as the Spirit can and does speak to many. It does that through the voice inside that leads and guides. It may be called the sub-conscious mind or our conscience. It puts ideas into our heads that may lead to discoveries, inventions, career choices, and such. It tells us who to marry and when and provides the children that follow.

Sun worship has been around from the time ancestral humans emerged and took up the practice of their antecedents. What stood for a god at that time was the sun, which was recognised as the Mother God who gave life and took it away again. Because it could not speak to anyone elders were elected to interpret the signs it created.

Over time priests took on that role and nothing much has changed except the way it is done. The priest maintains that he can speak and act for God, only he does not even recognise the Spirit of the Universe as such. So for whom does he act?

There is only one answer to that. It is the Catholic Church that was established by Constantine in 325 AD. It preys on people for power and control. Claiming that it has the keys to non-existent heaven and can forgive sins so that its converts will go there is malpractice. No one can pardon what doesn't exist.

So what are governments that allow this to go on protecting? In the Western world it is their jobs because parliamentarians are in the hands of the people who, in turn, believe what their pastors tell them. If they are wrongly advised, then it is up to them to figure it out.

But what if the person who had the wrong prescription given by a doctor was told to go and figure it out wouldn't there be an outcry? What if a medical practitioner was allowed to continue to operate after removing the wrong organs from patients wouldn't there be some action taken? So why is it that priests are allowed to engage in their lies and malpractice and nothing is done?

Norma Holt exposes the secrets within the Vatican archives and verifies the work of Constantine, who is 666, and the facts that heaven and hell are weapons of power.

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