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Are Certain Dogs More Likely To Bite?

An animal control supervisor in Lafayette, Ind. has said no breed of dog is more likely to bite than another, claiming dogs’ lack of socialization leads to bites. Supervisor Josh Klumpe said education is crucial to prevent dog bite attacks. If you were bitten by a dog contact our New Jersey dog bite Lawyer today.

In an interview with WLFI, Klumpe said he does not believe one breed, like pit bulls, to be more likely to attack. “Every dog can bite somebody. If it’s got teeth, it can bite, and no breed is more likely to bite than the other,” he said in the interview.

Klumpe said to prevent these bites, people must be educated on the likelihood of attacks. He said when dogs start licking their lips or yawning, they may be uncomfortable and more likely to attack.

Most Dangerous Breeds

While Klumpe said no one dog breed is more dangerous than another, dog bite lawyers who see hard data every year may disagree. One study showed that between 2005 and 2013, pit bulls and Rottweilers caused 74 percent of dog bites. Pit bulls also killed 173 people during this period. In 2013, pit bulls caused more deaths than any other breed. Other breeds, including boxers, Shiba Inus, Mastiffs, German Shepherds, and Cane Corsos, all cause a relatively high number of injuries and deaths, as well.

How to Keep Yourself Safe

Every year, 4.7 million people register dog bite claims, and 6,000 of these require hospitalization. Dog bite attorneys see many of these cases brought to court across the country. To protect yourself from becoming part of these statistics, you must know how to react when a dog looks like it may attack. If a dog looks like it may bite or attack you, don’t run away—many dogs will instinctively want to attack you if you are running from them. Instead, try to stay calm and back away slowly. If the dog still looks like it will attack, be ready to go on the defense. Cover your throat and neck, and drop into a ball if you need to. Try not to pull away, as that can only make the bite worse. If you are concerned about a dog attacking you, you may want to carry pepper spray or some other protective device.

What to Do if a Dog Has Bitten You

If you’ve been bitten by a dog of any size or breed, you may be experiencing negative health effects that require visits to the doctor or hospital and, consequently, costly medical bills. A dog bite attorney in Paramus can help you determine what your rights are in this state and how you can begin your case.

Am I Entitled to Dog Bite Compensation?

If you have been bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to dog bite compensation. A Paramus dog bite attorney can tell you for certain if the owner is liable for their dog’s attack on you. Here are a few simple questions to help determine whether to contact an NJ Injury attorney:

  • Were you on public property or an invited guest or visitor on private property?
  • Were you attacked by a dog without reason or provocation?
  • Were you or the individual who suffered from a dog bite under the age of five?
  • Did the dog bite result in medical bills, pain and suffering, and/or lost wages?

If the answer to any or most of the above questions is yes, you definitely need to contact our New Jersey attorneys. In most instances, if you are attacked by a dog you are entitled to some type of dog bite compensation, especially if the attack was severe.


Jeffrey W. Varcadipane is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey; a designation given to less than five percent of civil litigation attorneys in New Jersey upon demonstrating an extensive record of trying civil matters to verdict and thereafter passing a rigorous written examination on civil practice.

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